Posted by: Janette Silverman | April 1, 2012

Canada’s 1921 Census to Be Released June 2013

From Jan Meisels Allen:

Canada has a 92 year privacy rule for release of its census. The census is 
in the possession of Statistics Canada. After the 92 years, the records are 
transferred to the Library and Archives of Canada which will release the 
census for public use. The June 1st 1921 census will be transferred June 1st 
2013, but it will take some to record, catalogue, and scan and put the 
images on line...therefore  public access will not occur until sometime 

Some interesting findings in the census: the overall population of Canada 
was 8,788,483 individuals and there were 5 schedules with 565 questions.  To 
read more go to:
original url:

Thank you to Dick Eastman and the Eastman Online Genealogy Newsletter for 
alerting us to this upcoming census release!


  1. It didn’t happen, but we can make it happen
    Help us see the census soon:

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