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Fantastic European Database (and it’s free!) — from Vienna

You will need to register, but there is no charge to do so or to do a search. Felix Gundaker a genealogist who is part of GenTeam, Austria’s largest genealogical database, writes a description of their newest update:

New at GenTeam: about 2 Million new entries

  1. Auto-complete function for enquiries of the databases.
  2. New indices of Catholic matrices from Lower and Upper Austria, Burgenland, Styria and Bohemia
  3. New Slovenian database


In Our Own Interest:

With today’s new online databases, the users now have more than 6,9 million entries at their disposal.  Since January 2010, more than 15,500 users have registered with GenTeam.  Aproximately 80% of all users turn regularly to the databases and use them several times a month for their research. Because of technical reasons an overal search can need a few seconds – we work on responding faster

I would like to express here my gratitude to all who have furnished data to GenTeam in the last 26 months or have worked on long-term projects, but I also would like to thank those who have invisibly supported the build-up and the successful functioning of GenTeam.

GenTeam is free of charge, a non-profit organization, and not bound on any membership fees.  GenTeam is a group of historians and genealogist, who work independently or as a team on databases and who furnish these databases free of charge to hobbyists and other researchers.

  1. 1.   Auto-complete Function When Inquiring The Databases

We all know the problems of phonetically written variants of surnames (and are very familiar with typing mistakes in databases) which are often cumbersome and hard to overcome.

GenTeam has installed the Auto-Complete Function which works independently of search keywords like: “is the same”, “begins with” and the standard-function “contains”.  If a search contains 3 letters of a surname, a window opens with all names in which the three letters are contained.  If you add a fourth letter, the number of names are reduced to the names in which these four letters are contained, and so forth.  Therefore, one can recognize and chose easily phonetic-similar names.

This function was also installed for given names as well as for indices of places.

2.   New Indices extracted from Roman Catholic Matrices (Vital Statistics):

 Entries from Catholic Matrices from Lower and Upper Austria, Burgenland, Styria and Bohemia were added. Therefore, researchers now have more than 1.25 million entries at their disposal.

Indices were added from:

Lower Austria: Bockfließ, Drasenhofen, Emmersdorf, Gaweinsthal, Geras, Großharras, Hohenberg, Hohenreich, Hohenwarth, Karlstetten, Karlstift, Ladendorf, Niedersulz, Schweiggers, Traunfeld, Ulrichskirchen, Wieselburg, Wolfpassing

Upper Austria:  Maria Neustift, Münzbach, and Saxen

Bohemia: Graslitz

Burgenland: Krensdorf

Styria: Baptismal Index of the important parish Mariazell

I would like to express my cordial thanks to Ursula Baldemaier, Mag. Fritz Eichler, Sabine Grünberger, Maria Schmutzer, Martina Schulz, Judith Starke, Franz Spevacek, and Theodora Winkler for their superb collaboration.

I also would like to thank especially the “Heraldische Genealogische Gesellschaft Adler” (Heraldic Genealogic Association Adler), who furnished GenTeam the

Josef-Heider-Indices from Upper Austria.

  3. Slovenia – database of baptisms and marriages

This database, consisting  throughout of Catholic entries of baptisms and marriages, was furnished by the Society Slovensko rodoslovno društvo in Laibach.  Since the database  contains ancestors of specific senders or sources, it contains also living descendants. Questions concerning further data or information of specific names or sources can be found under the following link:

Caution: there still exist some errors concerning conversions of family names which will be continually corrected.

At GenTeam, Austria´s largest genealogical database, you will find about  7  Million entries:

—  Marriage Index of Vienna and surroundings between 1542 and 1860

—  Civil Marriages of Vienna between 1870 and 1908

—  Indices of Protestant marriages of Vienna Augsburger Confession (Augsburger Bekenntnis) and Helvetian Confession (Helvetisches Bekenntnis) between 1783 – 1879

—  Indices from the Jewish Cultural Community (Israelische Kultus- Gemeinde) Vienna between 1826 – 1910

—  Withdrawals from Judaism in Vienna between 1868 -1914

—  Converts in Vienna between 1782 – 1914

—  Forced Baptisms in the Vienna Foundling Home 1816-1868

—  Obituaries from the Neuen Freien Presse 1864-1938

—  Obituaries from Pester Lloyd 1870-1910

—  Obituaries from the Prager Tagblatt  1877-1938

—  Obituaries from Tyrolean Daily Newspapers 1815-1919

—  Index Collection from Catholic Church Registries 1590 – 1921

—  Index Collection from Protestant Church Registries 1627-1784

—  Index Collection of Jewish Matrices 1784 – 1925

—  Index Collection of Manorial Records  in Lower Austria

—  Index Collection of Catholic Church Registries from Slovenia

—  Owners of parcels in Lower Austria 1817

—  Memorial Cards from both World Wars

—  Medical Practitioners from Vienna

—  Index of the Biographical Works of Wurzbach

—  Registry of all Mills in Cisleithania 1876

—  Index of the Civil Registry of Nuremberg 1810 -1979

—  Index of Converts from the Waldviertel 1652 -1654

—  Membership Index of various Lodges 1783 – 1936

—  Skinners of Central Europe

—  General Index of Siebmacher’s Heraldic Lists

—  Gazetteer of Czech Republic, Austria along with South Tyrol, and Slovenian Republic

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