Posted by: Janette Silverman | September 4, 2012

Yizkor Books

JewishGen, (, the most visited non-profit Jewish genealogical website, and an affiliate of the Museum of Jewish Heritage – a Living Memorial to the Holocaust, is proud to announce our new Yizkor-Books-in-Print Project. The purpose of this project is to publish memorial books in English to make them available to a wider audience. Our intent is for this unique series to be a major source for genealogical research and teaching about the now extinct Jewish communities of Europe.

The books offer an opportunity to learn more about your ancestral village by providing information seldom found in genealogical data. Through personal accounts, they detail the history, the rich cultural life, the institutions, personalities, and organizations that existed in your town as well as giving an account of the destruction of the particular Jewish community by the Nazis during World War II.

We believe these books will be a fine addition to anyone’s personal library and that of family members. All of the books in the series will be in hard cover, in a similar format, approximately 7” x 10” in size. Following are details of several of the books and a list of others now available and those in the process of publication. There are currently nine books in print, six more in production, and many more to come.

The Destruction of Czestochova (Częstochowa, Poland) was first published in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1949 in Yiddish by survivors and former residents of the town. For the assistance of researchers, the town has also been known as: Częstochowa [Polish], Chenstochov [Yiddish], Tschenstochau [German], Čenstochová [Cz], Chenstokhova [Russian], Chenstokhov, Chestokhova, Tshenstokhov.

A second book in the series is Brzezin: a Memorial Book (Poland) first published in 1961by survivors and former residents, translated from the Yiddish by Renee Miller and coordinated and edited by Fay Vogel Bussgang. The town is also known by these names: Brzeziny [Polish], Bezhezhin [Yiddish], Bzheziny [Russian], Berzin, Brezhin, Breziny, Bzhezini, Bzshezshin, Löwenstadt [German, 1941-45]


Other titles now available are:

Orheyev Alive and Destroyed; Memorial Book of the Jewish Community of       Orhei, Moldova

Rozana: a Memorial to the Ruzhinoy Jewish Community (Belarus)

The Book of Zgierz- An Eternal Memorial for a Jewish Community in Poland

Preserving Our Litvak Heritage – Volume I (A History of 31 Jewish         Communities in Lithuania)

Preserving Our Litvak Heritage – Volume II (A History of 21 Jewish        Communities in Lithuania)

Flight to Survival [A companion to The Destruction of Czestochowa.]

Belzec – Stepping Stone to Genocide – A description of the Holocaust.


Yizkor Books for the following towns are in the process of publication.

Ostrów Mazowiecka, Poland ,  Ciechanów, Poland, Działoszyce, Poland,  Horodenka, Ukraine

Navahrudak, Belarus, Băcau, Iaşi and Podu Iloaiei, Romania


Visit for complete information and to order any or all of the above Yizkor Books

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