Posted by: Janette Silverman | March 11, 2012

IMPORTANT issue that impacts anyone who uses or requests information from the NYC archives

Within the next two weeks, a representative from the Executive Council of Jewish Genealogy Society of New York will be at a meeting regarding the DORIS/DCAS merger to be held at City Hall with representatives from the Mayor’s office.

The New York City Council has proposed legislation that would eliminate the autonomy of New York City’s Department of Records and Information Services (DORIS), the agency that is responsible for the records and archival documents produced by past and present City governments. The proposed legislation would place the currently independent agency within the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS), repealing Chapter 72 of the New York City Charter.

We, the undersigned, are opposed to this legislation (Int. 486-2011), which would significantly downgrade the authority of the Department of Records and Information Services (DORIS) within City government and potentially put at risk its ability to preserve, protect and make accessible the intellectual legacy of one of the world’s greatest cities.

If you agree with the stated purpose and have not already signed the petition, please do so now.

Here is the link with more details:

See the names of those who have already signed and the number of organizations they represent. The issues do not impact only people who live in New York.  Researchers from all over are banning together to “support the preservation of DORIS as an autonomous records agency with financial support and professional respect it deserves.”

Please take a minute to sign this very important petition.  It can help make a huge difference if you do.  Every signature counts.

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