Posted by: Janette Silverman | March 19, 2012

Google “Restarts” Their Newspaper Archive

From Jan Meisels Allen:


Many of us who do newspaper research have used the Google archives for many 
years.  During the past year it has been more difficult --to find it on 
their website because in May 2011 Google announced it was stopping its 
archival project.  Recently, Google has had a change of heart and their 
archives may now be found at: . 
Previously, Google stated  they would not be providing any further features 
or functionality to the Google News Archives and were  no longer accepting 
new microfilm or digital files for processing. The change of heart to start 
more sites etc. is welcome.The site contains about 2,000 historic newspapers 
predominately from the United States and Canada.  Google has also announced 
a new digitiazation project with the Mons, Belgium (Mundaneum) Museum for 
their archives.

More about this can be read in Genealogy In Time Magazine.  or original URL:

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